Today's 2nd Entry (June 22nd)

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Jun 22, 2012 20:37
This morning, I mailed the Provincial Education Officer in Malampa province to ask him some questions about the incident that a ZCA(Zone Curriculum Adviser), who was supposed to visit Ambrym island to help the workshop there on May 9th, let me know yesterday that he didn't go there on that day. The following is the mail that I send him. If you have a time, please tell me what I should have written.

Good morning Sir,

Thank you for your daily cooperations.
The "100math" lesson started on June 4th (Mon). How about your province?
I'm doing the "monitoring" at 4 schools in Port Vila, and I found several problems.
I know that the monitoring in your province is supposed to start next week.
Please encourage all of the ZCAs in your province to do their specified job sinserely.

Anyway, I have to report you about last workshops for all of the selected schools in your province.
These workshops were held on May 7th in Malakula, 9th in Ambrym, and 11th in Paama.
Two ZCAs in Malakula, Mr. Ruru and Mr. Jacob were supposed to go to Ambrym and Paama to help the ZCAs on each island. I didn't receive the report of the workshops there, but I was sure they helped and the workshops went well.

However, yesterday I heard from ZCA Ruru that he didn't go to Ambrym and he didn't know even whether the workshop on Ambrym was held or not on May 9th. Did you know it? Is it only the MOE including me that didn't know it?

I know that you let all ZCAs the arranged schedule of these workshops, but I can't be sure that the workshops was held on that day. Also I can't make sure that the "100math" lessons were started in every selected schools in your province including schoolds on Ambeym and Paama.

That's why could you please comfirm and report me the followings? You and the MOE must know the followings.

(1) Why ZCA Ruru couldn't visit Ambrym? He explained that the reason was that he didn't have money to go there, but your Education Office had already prepared the ticket for him, so he didn't need any money for that business trip.

(2) Why ZCA Ruru reported me about it yesterday, not May 9th? Also, why all of the ZCAs on Ambrym island didn't report the MOE about this problem? (Did they report you about it?)

(3) How did you know about this problem? If you knew, did you let the MOE know?

(4) Are the "100math" lesson started and continued at all of the selected schools in your province?

I think that these pleblems are one of the systematic problems that many organizations in Vanuatu have, and we need to try to eliminate them as soon as possible. I know that you are busy, but the MOE needs your cooperation to solve these problems.

Could you please reply me by next Thursday?

Yours sincerely,

Masashi Iida
Program officer, Education Services
Ministry of Education