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Jun 22, 2012 04:34
Yesterday was my 365th day since I came to Vanuatu. Today of 2011, I left Japan. I don't think that I want to go back to Japan or I want to live in Japan. I'm supposed to left Vanuatu in March 2013, but if I could stay in Vanuatu one or two more year, I would like to stay. If I could stay in Vanuatu one more year, I would be able to study English more than I would be in Japan.

If I got a chance to live in North America, it would be OK for me that I couldn't come back to Japan any more. Of course I didn't know every thing about the US or Canada, and there will be some inconvenience to live in these countries. However, the current me think that I'd like to try to live in one of the English speaking lands, especially the US or Canada (because I can watch the NBA, the NFL, and the MLB). Yesterday, I saw a junior of my university on Facebook. He lives in Toronto for work. I don't know his trouble in Toronto, but I really envy him.

I wish that I could find the opportunity to live and work in these countries.