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Jun 21, 2012 04:57
The article concerning "100math" was inserted in yesterday's "Daily Post" that is the most major newspaper in Vanuatu. I started to provide some articles and photos to "Daily Post" this month. I sent them three times and every article was placed. The purpose of providing them is to increase people's interest in education, especially school education. I'm going to continue this activity. Also, it was the second time to be inserted the picture of me. It seems to me that I'm kind of a famous person just in Port Vila.

However the headline, "Penama leads in '100math' Test," was different from what I wanted to report to people. What I wanted to transmit was that the result of tha Basic Operation Test wasn't very good but we can hope student's development in basic calculation if they continue "100math" practice. Actually, Penama province was the top province in the result of this test, but the number of schools that took this test was different in each province. For instance, 13 schools in Penama province took it, meanwhile the number of Tafea province was 59. It's unfair. I thought that I have to tell media about my intention in providing my information.