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Jun 12, 2012 04:26
Yesterday, I visited Freshwota school to observe "100math" lessons. The purpose of this observation is to check whether teachers do the correct instruction that I told them on April 20th. We call this activity "monitoring."

In this monitoring, I found that there were many wrong ways of instruction that didn't cause big development of the students' calculation skill. One teacher wrote all of the one digit number orderly: started to write from 0 and finished 9. As a result this "100math" lesson was the easiest for students to solve. All they may do to solve is to just add 1. It was not solving 100 calculations but writing 100 numbers. After that, I advised her to write them irregularly.

This was one of the wrong example and I advised a lot. The number of wrong instructions was more than my expectation. I was a little shocked. The most shocking was that the teachers in Freshwota school who attended the "100math" workshop didn't teach the way of instruction to some absent teachers, and as a result two teachers haven't started the "100math" lesson yet although they must have started a week ago. I didn't know why they couldn't teach them until the lesson started. There were about 50 days from the end of the "100math" workshop to the opening day of the "100math." I think that this is one of the systematic problems and this is one of the biggest problem that we should improve as soon as possible.