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Jun 9, 2012 04:28
Yesterday, we were permitted a half day off in the afternoon by our director of the Education Services division of the Ministry of Education. I don't know the reason that he gave us this off, but I worked until 4 o'clock. On Thursday, we were instructed to clean up both the inside and the outside of our office the Public Service Commission in Vanuatu to prepare for next week's international conference. After the cleaning up finished, all of the officers in the Ministry of Education were permitted to leave the office.

However, I didn't cooperate to clean up. I had several things that I had to complete as soon as possible yesterday. I went to the airport to send a lot of timers for "100math" lessons and visited a few schools to collect the Basic Operation Test that was carried out last Monday. After that, I finished writing a newsletter for all of the Japanese volunteer that I continue to issue every two week(fortnight). It, called "MOE Fortnightly," was the 10th newsletter.

I think that the Public Service Commission could have ordered us to clean up at the earlier date. We knew in March that this international conference was supposed to take place. Why it instructed us on Thursday, not on Thursday of a month ago. We all have each working plan. Its suddenly instruction ought to disturb our work that should be done yesterday. I don't think that it's a big systematic problem that should be improved as soon as possible. If nobody claim, I'd like to insist on that we all should consider about our working plan when we ask another officers to do something.