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Jun 8, 2012 05:01
Today is my third day since I started fasting. During the period of fasting, I just drink fresh fruit juice that is bade by my juicer. The purpose of this trial is of course to lose my weight and to make my figure firm. This time, fortunately, I've not felt too hungry to continue to fast. To imagine looking at my slim figure in front of mirror is my current motivation. To work out during this period is hard. Actually, we must not work out, while fasting. I worked out last Wednesday and jogged yesterday without enough energy. Though I knew I must not do so, I did them. Because I think that I can make me more firm if I exercise in this term.

Today is the final day of the fasting. I'd like to enjoy to see more beautiful myself tomorrow.

By the way, the following entry isn't corrected right now. If you give me your helpful cooperation, I'll be really happy.