January 19, 2014

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Jan 19, 2014 22:27
It was snowy this morning. I didn't know the weather forecast so I was really surprised when I saw the snow after I got up. I couldn't go out until the snow melted. Some children in my town played with snow. They made a snowman. It was reminiscent of my childhood. When I was a elementary school pupil, I played with snow in the school ground. In my prefecture, snow falls once or twice a year, so playing in the snow was abundantly precious for us.

I couldn't go out in the morning so I spend this morning watching this year's Orange Bowl (Ohio State vs Clemson). This match was exactly seesaw game... there were a lot of turning back.The quarter back of Ohio State seemed to be sore with somewhere of his body, but the head coach of them continued to use him. If alternative quarter back had played, the result might have been different. However, the head coach absolutely believe him. It was very impressive.
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