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May 30, 2012 04:26
I think that I've been addicted to Facebook recently. Last night, I checked it again and again. I think this tendency is not good, because my studying time is reduced. Actually, I have to concentrate more when I study. Last night I posted the first photo with a sentence, "I wonder how much I can sell my hair," even though I'm not going to sell my hair. There is I who are looking forward to friends' response to my entry. Please let me repeat, I think it's not good tendency.

Last night I became friends with my several students who I taught 10 years ago. I felt excited and became to want to show current me. That's why I tried to take over 10 photo of myself in front of mirror. It took about 10 minutes and it seemed to be interesting, but it was also waste of time. I could have use that 10 minutes to listen to English article.

I'd like to pull up my socks. I don't necessarily quit checking and posting Facebook. However, I'm going to prioritize to study English. I came here to study, not to check the internet.