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May 28, 2012 04:44
I've been practicing English pronunciation for three months. I've used a few methods to practice it. I started to use one of them, "The Jingles." In this method, I can train my muscle to pronounce English sounds like native English speakers. Please look at a picture that I attached. I've used the red one for 29 days, and I'll finish it when I do the final practice in it today.

In this picture, I'm biting my tongue lightly to make "th" sound. I've practiced "th" sound with the red one. I don't know if my pronunciation developed or not, but I could realized that when I tried to make it, I could bite my tongue more naturally than old days. I've also practiced "r" and "l" sounds, so I hope I could improve these sounds too.

It's time to graduate the red one. Tomorrow, I'll start to use the blue one.