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May 25, 2012 03:25
Yesterday, I replied a mail from my friend who is working at the school in Papua New Guinea as a mathematics teacher. He was trying to continue "100math" lesson and was achieving some positive results. However, recently he has felt the limit to continue it. He mailed that some students began to get tired of it, and some began to try to solve daily 100 calculations in no effective way to learn to solve. Also, he seemed to feel the limit in the material, paper and PC for making data.

I read his mail and think about the difference from our way of managing "100math." After that, I wrote our ideas and sent mail. I hope my answer will be help for him. I'd like to write some of the examples of my replying. I wrote that we should change the order of all calculations that we let students solve. I also write that the duration of lesson should be 5 minutes to let all students keep their concentration. Moreover, I advised that we can give up that we teach how to make data with PC to teachers, preparing for after he go back to Japan. I think, we can show enough data to prove the effect of "100math" while we are staying in each country.

I'm looking forward to reading his answer.