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May 20, 2012 04:30
I slept for less than three hours, but I don't feel sleepy now. The meeting that five Japanese volunteers who teach mathematics in Vanuatu and I join are supposed to start today (end tomorrow). I have been preparing for this meeting for a week, while practicing for my midterm report on this coming Wednesday. Last night, I finished my work concerning this meeting at 9 pm, and after getting home I posted yesterday's second entry and practiced for the presentation over 2:30 am.

Curiously, I don't feel tired and I don't want to sleep more. However, if I continue such a life, my condition will become bad. I think that I should try too hard right now, but I have to try to manage to take a rest, for example to take a little nap, or eat various food. I want to run this evening, but I might need to stop running today without enough sleep. However, I'm eager to run any moment from now.