Today's 2nd Entry

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May 19, 2012 21:13
As I wrote this morning, I'll post today's second entry to make up yesterday's no entry. I wanted to post early, but I couldn't get home early because I worked at our dormitory until 9 pm.

Yesterday, I knew that an old couple from Holland was murdered at that morning in their house near a Chinese restaurant where I sometimes go. Recently, some bad things have happened more frequently than before, for example, prison breaking, holding a gun, murder at the other place. That's why we Japanese volunteer were warned not to go out after 5:30 pm.

"I wonder how I should workout and run..." That was what I thought first when I was warned. That as it may, I was asked to arrange a schedule of our meeting on tomorrow and the day after tomorrow by one of the volunteers who is planing our BBQ party. The BBQ was supposed to take place on Wednesday night. However, he planned to change the date into Monday afternoon and asked me to finish it until Monday 12 o'clock.

I understand that he wants all Japanese volunteers to attend as many as possible. However, I answered that we can't arrange the schedule. We shouldn't place priority on BBQ than our meeting that we originally planned. There might be continuation of this story, and if there is, I will write it.