08.05.2012(practice for using "stuff")

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May 9, 2012 03:41
Yesterday morning, I left home about 10 minutes later than usual. I had to run to avoid showing up late to my office. That run was quite tough because I had to carry a lot of heavy stuff, the Basic Operation Test, finished marking by teachers of 8 schools. When I arrived before 7:30, my sweat couldn't be stopped easily.

I put these stuff on my desk and started to input every student's score. Thorough inputting the data, I found the current situation about second to six grade students' calculation ability. That was that I can't say "good result," unfortunately. The lower grade students seem not to be able to solve subtraction well. Also, more than about 80% of all students can't solve division and mix calculations such as (9-3)X5-2=28.

I went to our dormitory to have lunch. I prepared my stuff to cook the same thing as the day before yesterday's night, a miso soup, a grape fruit, and the noodles with an egg, a carrot, and seaweeds. They were good, and I'm going to cook the same stuff today.
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