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Apr 18, 2012 04:50
Yesterday was my 300th day since I came to Vanuatu. I wanted to do some small special things, so I went to a Chinese restaurant to have dinner. After eating, I became full and I realized that my stomach became small. Current me seem to be able to satisfied with smaller food than a little while ago. If I don't continue to eat enough like previous, I will be able to lose weight more. If I success losing weight, I will be able to run easier than now. I'd like to keep making a effort to lose weight, even though I know my appetite is quite big.

Through these 300 days in Vanuatu, I think that I grew up in some points. I experienced a lot of what I can't see or experience easily in Japan. I still have some difficulties in Vanuatu, for example I can't understand Bislama, the national language in Vanuatu, easily. However, these 300 days aren't waste. Through many experiences during 300 days, I'm sure that what I can do in Vanuatu will be increase more, and I will be able to contribute more.

I know that my English still isn't good, but I'm not going to quit studying. Until I go back to Japan, I will be a better English user to keep practicing.