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Feb 24, 2012 04:54
Yesterday, I felt disconsolate during work. I'm supposed to visit 4 provinces in Vanuatu during next 2 weeks for a business trip. Preparing for it, I instructed some Japanese volunteers in each province. However, we, the Ministry of Education couldn't decide the policy of this trip and couldn't have been permitted to use budget yet, so our order to each volunteer had been ambiguous and often disordered. I had been felt sorry for pushing them around (throwing them into confusion). In addition, my colleagues don't seem to understand why I feel sorry. They don't seem to feel sorry.

Yesterday afternoon, I was told that our first visit to the Torba province during February 27th to 29th would be cancelled and we would ask concerned parties in Torba to come to the Santo island during 29th to March 2nd to join the workshop. I was shocked at this announcement strongly and dissapointed. Originally, we planned like that, however we changed the schedule about two weeks ago and asked a Japanese volunteer in Torba to prepare for the workshop there. I wouldn't like to have thrown him into confusion. I would like to have avoided letting him feel their preparation waste of time. However I had to inform him that the possibility of changing the schedule appeared suddenly. So I called him with feeling of vanity, however last night his phone wouldn't received my calling.

Good grief.