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Feb 15, 2012 04:07
As you know, yesterday was the Valentine's Day. However there were anything special concerned with it in Vanuatu. I didn't get any chocolate or goods from anyone yesterday. In Japan many students used to give me chocolate, cookies, or cakes, although most of us aren't Christian. There really seemed to be nothing concerning with it in Vanuatu. I asked my colleague if there are anything special or not, but he answered, "No."

To change the subject, I didn't study so much yesterday because I spend about four hours in a Chinese restaurant with two of Japanese volunteers. I would like to have gotten home 2 hours earlier to study something, however I couldn't say anything. So while spending there, I thought that I would manage to study about two hours after going home. However I couldn't study enough. All I could do was to check the collection of my yesterday's entry. While checking, I felt sleepy strongly. It was a pity and I'd like to study enough long today.