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Jan 30, 2012 17:35
Good evening. Last Friday, I was asked to write a proposal letter to the Ministry of Education of Vanuatu by a Japanese volunteer who works in the Vanuatu Institute of Teacher's Education (VITE). The VITE is only one facility in Vanuatu where students who want to be a teacher study in. However, the VITE has no Ni-Vanuatu (means "people of Vanuatu") lecturer who can teach performing arts (music, dance, and drama). So there are few teachers in Vanuatu who can teach it by themselves. When her successor finish his or her work about three years later, Japan will stop sending new volunteer. So her hope is that the Ministry of Education bring up Ni-Vanuatu performing arts lecturer and post him or her in VITE. We are going to submit the following proposal letter to the director of the Ministry. If you have enough time, could you please check it?

*MPG stands for "Music Panel Group." The members of MPG discuss the aspect of the music education and study music once a month.
JICA stands for "Japan International Cooperation Agency."
JOCV stands for "Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers." I'm one of JOCV.

To director of Education Service

Proposal and request concerning absence of performing arts' lecturer in V.I.T.E.

Thank you for your understanding of our activity.

In current curriculum performing arts' class is allocated for one hour a week in primary schools. But as you know, in real class room we can find many schools in which there is no allocation to a weekly plan. Now in each school rearrangement for a proper weekly plan is progressing. However under this situation we can’t expect teachers who can conduct performing art class satisfactorily.

To realize the concept for performing arts placed in “Vanuatu National Curriculum Statement,” it is a pressing need to nurture Ni-Vanuatu teachers who can teach performing arts.

Between in MPG's discussion we confirmed that we should develop our activity to be able to conduct the performing arts’classes under new curriculum. Considering that we can't expect the constant dispatch of JOCV to performing arts division, it seems vital that there must be Ni-Vanuatu teachers who can lead performing arts lessons.

In public we can find that many citizens love and enjoy music. Music is rooted deeply in Vatuatu’s culture. In schools performing arts lessons including learning music theoretically will be a significant factor to develop future music scenes. The performing arts lesson will help children develop aesthetic skills and deepen understanding for native cultures.

In Vanuatu Institute of Teachers’Education totally 10 volunteers from JICA have been dispatched as a lectures for decades. Even now the goal for nurturing counterparts who can lead the performing arts lessons is not fulfilled. It seemed difficult to realize the concept for performing arts placed in “Vanuatu National Curriculum Statement”. it is caused by postponing the solution with no clear understanding of performing arts education.
It is urgent need to nurture Ni-Vanuatu teachers who can teach performing arts.
Hoping realization of this solution, we propose and request followings:

Proposal and Request
1. Responsible Department in the Ministry on Education is to select from in-service teachers or VITE graduates who have the abilities of performing arts and appoint them as regular staffs in VITE.
2. By utilizing scholarship human resources above mentioned are to be sent abroad to learn performing arts in New Zealand or Australia.
3. During their absence proper substitute lecturers are to conduct lessons.
4. If proposal above mentioned was judged impossible, we expect the Ministry of Education to make a alternative plan in 3 years (within a tenure of successor of current JOCV).