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Jan 17, 2012 04:45
I called the Origin, gas company in Vanuatu, to refill the gas in our dormitory yesterday morning. And then, the telephone receptionist said that the workers could come in the afternoon. So I started waiting them at the dormitory as a leader of our dormitory section, while studying English grammar.

However they didn't come even though the time passed three o'clock. So I called again. The phone receptionist told me the phone number of the person responsible. I called him and told him that I had been waiting for him for more than five hours. However he said that he couldn't come yesterday and would come this morning.

It was terrible. I told him again that I had been waiting for him, but he said only, "Tomorrow morning." I couldn't help accepting his words, but I needed patience to accept it. I thought why he didn't say "Sorry." If he apologize me to have me waited and to changed the schedule, I would be able to allow him. However without any word of apology, I have to be patient, not allow him. It was really a pity. I would like to be a man who can recognize my mistakes and can apologize.