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Jan 13, 2012 04:15
I'm in charge of the administration of our dormitory with some fellows, and I'm leader.
Yesterday two gas tanks of our dormitory seemed to be almost empty, so I called the trader of gas to come and exchange the tanks. Afterward two worker came to there, and I met them. Then, however, I found that the two tanks were secured by chain and padlock. I looked for the key of the padlock and found it, however it won't open because it was too old and rusty. So unfortunately I couldn't exchange the tanks yesterday. The only way to open the padlock is to break it.

In addition, last night new member came to Vanuatu, and entered our dormitory, so as a leader, I explained her about how to use it. She was supposed to go drinking afterward, so I tried to shorten the explanation without lacking understandability. I would like to ask her today whether my explanation was good or not.

After explanation, I chatted another fellow who was same age as me for more than two hours. So I went home late, ate late, and slept late. It was a pity for me not to be able to study English last night. I slept for less than four hours. I feel asleep right now.