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Dec 20, 2011 04:02
Yesterday I heard my body's voice. I cooked the instant noodle with vegetables for lunch in our dormitory. I often used to cook and eat it in Vanuatu. Noodle(Ramen) is my one of the favorite food.

When I ate it same as usual, however I felt different as usual. "It's not yummy." I didn't change how to cook, however I didn't feel it tasty. It didn't taste bad at all, however I couldn't enjoy the taste. I wondered why until now I continued to eat it while feeling yummy. Exactly, my body seemed refuse to eat the noodle. Though I had enjoyed it until yesterday, I thought I would never want to eat it again.

About ten days ago, I had a diarrhea and I felt tension with my stomach (feeling of fullness). So I had to eat what didn't be a burden for my stomach, such as fruits, soup. I lost my weight and I seem to have lost my sense of taste as usual. My current body can't accept a lot of foods which I often ate. I think my body can't accept unhealthy foods which are burden to it.

Now I feel nervous what to eat. However I think it is an opportunity to get back my healthy body. This morning I have a diarrhea, so it will take long time to recover. I think that all I have to do is to listen to my body's voice and eat the healthy foods.