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Nov 28, 2011 04:04
Yesterday when I was in the Pakarua church, I was asked to teach the Teatament to children in the next year's Sunday school by one man, I don't know his name and position. I'm not Christian, however I've been going there every Sunday morning for mor than three month. Actually, I had already given children the speech about Japanese life on last Sunday. I'm supposed to be given the Testament tonight and he will teach it to me for a while. Though I'm not going to change my religion (I'm for the moment a Biddist), I'm looking forward to being taught it.

However why did he asked me to teach it? He knows that I'm not a Christian and I don't know the Christianity and the Testaent. Yesterday I undertook his offer without confirming the reason. I' not going to refuse his offer and I'm going to identify the reason tonight because I'm interested in it.