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Mar 3, 2013 20:40
Mr. Hosoda had a lot of interesting adventures. He came to like Tokyo very much. But now, he studies English conversation. Because he feels Tokyo is small. America and Europe are waiting for him now.

One afternoon in February, Mr. Umezawa had a date with a beautiful woman. It was so cold, so he wore a heavy wool coat with big wooden buttons. They planed to meet at the platform of Harajuku station. Mr. Umezawa had to do his work near Yoyogi before his date. Then he arrived Yoyogi station, he was already fifteen munites late. When he ran up the stairs, the train door was just closing. So he ran as fast as he could, the train door closed and at the same time, he jumped on the trains. But unfortunately, the train door closed before Mr. Umezawa completely got on the train, so he got his overcoat's buttons caught in the door. And all the time, Mr. Umezawa's face against the doors. The two doors caught his overcoat's buttons tightly, so he couldn't mov. He pulled his cloth with all his might several times, but he couldn't get it from the door.