Tomorrow, I'm going back to Tokyo.

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Oct 17, 2014 16:20
Tomorrow, I'm going back to Tokyo. During 2 months stay here in Brisbane, I learned a lot. First, I can't speak English well as of this moment. My school has 10 grades (1 is the lowest and 10 is the highest). Now, my level is 7, upper intermediate. However, my speaking level is intermediate or lower, I think. Because the same level or lower level's students can speak English better than me. Hahaha.

Second, compared to the Philippines, English conversation school's quality is high. A lot of teachers can manage their classes well. I was able to see their professional style. They teach us not to make us bored. Of course, it isn't one to one lesson in general. However, they proceed their lessons in a very interactive way.

Third, having said above, the class, teaching style is inefficient for Japanese students. As I know a lot of English cram schools, I clearly understand. Particularly, for lower level students, I'd like to recommend other styles. For around upper intermediate students, I can recommend to study here for a short time. It becomes a good experience as international interaction.

Anyway, it is said that if German get Basic English for 400 hours,the Japanese should study for 1,500 hours. I've studied for almost 3 years, so It was about 3,000 hours (80 to 100 hours per a month). Compared to European students, my speaking is not good, so I sometimes felt bad, but I always think, If I were German or other nationality, I would be wonderful English speaker already. And also, I have a conference to my effort and Japanese English learners. So, coming here, I could learn a lot and I'm motivated by the surroundings.