I passed the place which is near my ex-boyfriend's house.

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Oct 19, 2012 06:32
I just passed there, but tears over flowed from my eyes a lot. I felt something heavy. I couldn't stop crying. There is near my clients office as well, so I have to pass there several times from now on. I don't feel sad, but I couldn't stop it. Ah, I'm tired...

Anyway, let's have practicing.

I decided to go someplace else for dinner.
What else had you to learn?
You need to study or else you will fail the exam
Our house is always warm, even in winter.
I will pass the exam even if I don't study.

Today, I study the word "else" and "even", those words are difficult for me. Those aren't familiar with me. Even those are very simple word, I struggled making sentences.