My client got angry with me yesterday.

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Oct 18, 2012 06:39
I had a hectic work yesterday too. We are making our client's website. At the beginning this project, we explained that there are a lot of different browsers in the world. Even if it's same browser, it has a lot of versions. This time, we made new website for Internet Explorer 7. We can perfectly see it on the Internet Explorer 7. Of course we also may able to see it on the new browser's version, but we can't check all pages, because of budget limited. So when you see it on Internet Explorer 9 that is new browser's version, you might see your new website different looks. For example some parts are located another place or something like that.

We explained those kinds of risks, but my client told me your explanation isn't clear, you should have explained more. And he blamed another things as well. So I was really tired. And I have to keep to maintain a relationship with him until the new website opens. I feel uncomfortable, we just described
those things and we don't have responsible for those risks. Of course I didn't say it directly. But in this case, I want to say it clearly. Ah, I'm really tired.
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