Happy 33rd Birthday. He will turn 33 years old.

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Oct 12, 2012 06:34
I intended to celebrate his birthday, but he isn't here any more. I mentioned here before, he proposed me once, but about two weeks later, he changed his mind and he said me good-bye. Because of my age, he thought if we won't be able to have a child or something like that, and he left, so I understand that he isn't a right man. My all friend told me that you are lucky you can separate such a terrible guy quickly. However this incident happened within about one month, so I'm still confused. And now, I'm afraid about child and my health and my future... I'm so sad. Tomorrow is his birthday, I'm feeling down now.

Let's practice.

I've just done it.
Let's go out.
I want to take two days off.
Please go away, I don't need you.
That store is far from here.
We walked up to the top floor.
Come on, cheer up!
I put down the book.
I put the book down.

That's all. Try to do the best myself today.