I went to home for the aged to visit my grand mother together with my sister.

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Oct 9, 2012 06:33
My aunt is also there. We search Jazz music and we let her listened to it. She reacted to the music and we are glad seeing her happy, and we hope she get well soon.

Let's practice as usual.

I watched a good film yesterday with my sister.
I have to buy some gifts for my friend's birthday.
Some Japanese people raise a flag on National holiday.
She painted on the wall.
We bought a new paint for our new house.

I've lived in Tokyo since I was one year old.
I lived in Tokyo since I was one year old.

Which one is natural?

Take care of everything while I'm away.
My sister is singing while I'm dancing.
My sister is singing while I study.
Though I have a lunch, I have no apatite.
Though I don't have enough sleep, I'm happy because I saw my grandmother.
Wait a second, please.
It takes me an hour to do it.
The building was build in 16th century.

That's all for today.
See you.
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