Countryside life vs City life

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Jul 20, 2012 16:32 essay toefl
Without a doubt a city life and a country life are very different from each other.
There are advantages of living in the countryside and of living in the city. To decide which life style appropriate to one's demands and wants, she or he should take into account all the options.
Here I will review and discuss some features of living in the city and in the countryside such as place for living, surroundings, family life and career opportunities.

A Home is one of the most important things for human. I mean it is a place where you spend most of your personal life, meet family, have a rest and were you feel yourself comfortable and protected. When you live in the countryside you would have a house. For example such house could have many rooms and large garden.
Usualy prices on houses are higth enough.
But if you live in the city you can choose confortable apartment. And the same time if you can not afford expencive one, there are wide variety of rent price.

Surroundings are equally important for living. I mean the objects, buildings and other things that are around your home. If you want to be clouser to the beauties of nature, countryside could be best place for you to live there.
If you like do shopping, go to restaurants, bars or nightclubs, in this case city life is more appropriate for you.

Also you could choose to live in the city because of your career. Living near downtown could save your time.
On the other hand a queit countryside life could be good for family. The countryside has a lot of advantages for family life: not poluted air, many places for children to play, no heavy traffic.

In conclusion, life in the city and life in the countryside have different advantages.
Meanwhile we can infer that quiet and peace are quite usual for countryside whereas city life is energetic and full of action. A person should be familiar with option of both ways and do his or her decision about living place carefully.