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Jun 2, 2011 10:33
I had asthma when I was in elementary school.
Those days I really wanted to have a dog but I couldn't.
I even thought anything would do as long as it wsa a kind of living things.

One day,my grandfather caught an turtle in a river and gave it to me.
I was so pleased!
I named it "Nozomi":the name of popular idol in at the time lol.

My mother was so strict that said to me "Take care of it all by yourself".
So I was with it the whole time of course during school.
Yes,I bring it ot school!
I think that strange but it is truth.

By the way,I am a high school student and have a friend who I've been with since we were 7.
I recalled this story and told it her.
She said,"Stop lying! I don't remember!"