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Aug 1, 2012 23:26
実はこの日記はもともとオンライン辞書についてのはずでしたが、toshiakiの日記を添削した時、新しい話題を見つけました。 誰かの日記を読むと刺激を受けて最初に書くつもりだった話題をすぐ新しいのに変えようと思うことは誰にもよくあることですね。 ^0^

今日話したい話題は。。。写真をご覧ください。 ^0^
Doctor Whoというドラマの「リバー・ソング博士」です。 
彼女はそのドラマの主人公、ダー・ドクターと関係がありますが。。。 いったいどの関係なのかと聞かれたら彼女が返事するのは「Spoilers!]ばかりです。


toshiakiさんの日記はある映画についてであらすじを全部ネタバレなしで上手に説明してくれました。 私は映画が好きなのでよく映画のレビュー見ていますが、時々ネタバレがあるためその後あの映画を見ても最後に何が起こるのかがもう知ってしまうので結局見る価値がないというか意味がないと思ってしまうのです。 

みなさん、ネタバレが好きですか? それとも話しを知らずに映画を見る方が好きですか? 

I was actually going to write about online dictionaries, but after correcting toshiaki's journal, I found something else to write about. I think it's quite common to be inspired to change what you were originally going to write about after reading someone's journal entry, right? ^0^

The topic I want to talk about today is... please look at the photo. ^0^
It's a character from the British TV show, Doctor Who. Her name is River Song.
She is connected to the main character of the show, The Doctor, in some way, but whenever she is asked how she knows him, she says, "Spoilers!"

I think it depends on your age with regards to how well you understand the word "spoilers". I'm quite young so I understand it.

So, what does it mean?
When I looked in an online dictionary, it said that a good translation in Japanese would be ネタバレ.
Basically, you "leak out" what happens in a book or a film.

Toshiaki's entry was about a film, and he managed to explain what happened in it without any spoilers. I love films so I read quite a lot of film reviews, but sometimes they disclose what happens at the end, so even if I start watching a certain film I don't always feel that it's worth it because I already know what's going to happen in the end.

What does everyone think? Do you like spoilers? Or do you prefer to watch a film without knowing anything about it?