Proposal of Computer Education in Primary School

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Jan 25, 2012 07:02
I am currently working for the Ministry of Agriculture, however I would like to teach computer to primary school students and teachers, working for the Ministry of Education from the next month. I will explain the reasons below.

2.Problems of computer education in primary school
There are many teachers who know how to use computers in primary school, however there are few teachers who can use computers for their work, can teach computers to students and can manage computer rooms properly due to the luck of time and knowledge.

3.The current situations caused by the problems
(1)Students can use only the Internet although their laptops have many educational programs because nobody teaches the students how to use computers.
(2)Desktop computers allocated to primary schools have gradually been broken because they have not been managed properly.

If the schools do not have countermeasures to these situations, the all computers would be broken and their laptops would be like pearls cast before swine.

4.The countermeasures
(1)Computer workshops for the teachers, the students and the parents should be hold.
(2)Each primary school should have a teacher as a computer administrator who can manage computer rooms.

5.My detailed plan
(1)I will have computer workshops for the teachers, and teach how to use their desktop computers for their work such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point.
(2)I will have computer workshops for the students and the parents, and teach how to use their laptops for their education such as how to use internet safely and screen typing.
(3)I will help each school have a computer specialist who can manage computer rooms by having the workshops above with the person.

6.My experiences regarding computers in Japan and St. Vincent
(1)I worked for XX Inc. and I was a sales consultant for printing systems. For example, I sold computers, printers, servers and printing systems to my customers. I also constructed Local Area Networks of my customers.
(2)I have been teaching computers to teachers of XX school once a week.