The Most Important Thing In My Life(SPEECH WRITING)

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Oct 16, 2012 17:30
Everybody has the important thing in different ages. For me, it is the same.
When I was a little child, I want to be a doctor. One day in class we had a lecture—what is the great thing in your life. I told my classmates seriously. To be a great doctor is my first priority. When my mother asked me, why do you want to be a doctor? I have no idea, because what is just all of my classmates want to be. I just followed them.
A few years has gone. When I got into high school, the teachers told us. The most important thing now is pay more attention to your studies, and getting into a key college is the only way to become more successful.
And now, I am third year’s student. How can we think about the most important thing of our life? Some of you may think about: family, friends, career, promotion, travel …etc. but I am very clear in my whole life, to be a better person is the most important thing. Every day I have to improve myself, encourage myself, to be more sensitive, more confidence, more wisdom, and no complain. It is very easy that why I want to be a better person, because JUSES tell us. BE PERFECT, THEREFORE, AS YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER IS PERFECT. In contemporary society, more and more ordinary people hope to be a famous star overnight. They would like to use the extremely ways (such as taking drug, drink, and doing promiscuous and so on)to pursing the success. That would be very danger for young people who have never had self-principle. Recently the youngest girl using the casting couch promote their career has been becoming a common issue. However, if I have a strong determination which you want to be greater, I can have power to avoid those mistakes. Like a famous star—VanNess Wu. Before he was not a Christian, he has sex often with some young girl. Now he has corrected his activities. His have been taking in the word of GOD to be a better person.
I have done many changes for being a better girl.
Firstly, I encourage myself to read more book. I can get wisdoms from the famous man.
Secondly, I have space no effort to respect any man I met.
Third, I noted the mistakes I made every day, and remains me do not repeat again.
Thank you for your attention.