I saw Kung Fu Panda 2 tonight.

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Jul 5, 2011 02:08
It's about 2:00 am.
I don't get sleep yet because of a movie that is Kung Fu Panda 2.
I've been looking forward to be released this movie.
I really like the movie. I saw Kung Fu Panda two years ago maybe.
I still can not believe what It's been 2 years. OMG.

Yesterday, My teacher told me it that is really fun if you don't have a tinge of expectation. ^^
It's just a fun movie.

During i was seeing the move, I had a good thing and a bad thing.
At first, The thing is... I could understand the movie by 75% without subtitle.
I think the movie's dialogues are not difficult to understand.

and the bad things is.... I'm still not good at speaking. It always makes me crazy. OMG.
Please help me. haha ^________________________________________^