Do you know '무한도전 (Infinity Challenge)'?

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Jul 2, 2011 23:10
Do you know this program 'Infinity Challenge' ?

The program is one of the most famous entertainment program in korea.

It is on air every sat evening. There are lots of viewers who watch it.

They call it mu do that is a short name of the program.

The program has been showing lot of interesting project. Every project are so special.
That is why the program is famous and special. Aerobic, Dance Sports, bobsledding,

I can list cause there're so many special things.

Maybe lots of special project has been processing for air.

I'm so happy can see it. ^^

This weekend subject is '서해안고속도로가요제 (The express way music festival with West Sea ? How can i translate it?)'

The 7 members made their songs with 7 famous musicians since 50 days ago.
(Lee Juk, Junag Jae Hyung, G-Dragon of BigBang, Bada, Sweet Sorrow, 10cm, Psy)

This movie clip is GG (G-Dragon of BigBang with Great Park)' song.
The name is 바람났어(Having an Affair).
Let's watch it. ^^

This one is You Jae Suk with Lee juk's song. The name is 압구정 날라리.