It's 1:00am. I'm listening to the radio. Have you listened to the radio?

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Jun 30, 2011 01:11
Its' 1:00 am.. I think The time is too fast than my thought..

I'm listening to the radio.
I listen it every single day without fail since I bought My first Smart Phone.
Personally, I like the radio because It's like analogue feel.
This links me to DJ and other audience. We share lots of songs and
great and lovely messages. I think It doesn't make me lonely.

My favorite radio programs are Blue night of Jung Yup and Music city of Sung Si Kyung.
These DJs are very famous singer in korea. and they have good voices

If you're interested in Kpop, I'd like to introduce these programs to you. ^^

Have a great night.

ps. I added these programs home pages,