I hope to be good at english.

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Jun 28, 2011 01:10
Today i had an english speaking study group.

i felt depressed about my english and i sometime blame my self.

why did i say like this way? why didn't i express my opinion well?

if you read my journals, you could know my level of english.
i'm not enough vocabularies, grammars and expressions to say my opinion well.

But, i think all i can do is just keep going on. keep writing. keep listening. .....
I know i have to do my best as much as i can possible.

오늘 영어대화 스터디가 있었어요. 매주 월요일에 가지는 특별한 1시간이죠.

어느덧 3달이 넘었는데, 이 시간을 갖고나면, 내 실력은 제 자리에서 맴도는 것 같아서

항상 스스로 왜 이렇게 말했을까, 왜 이렇게밖에 표현하지 못했을까라고

스스로 탓할 때가 많다.