Today's debate.

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Jun 27, 2011 16:59
I'm going to go to my english listening class.
and I have a debate about luxury brands. Chanel, Hermes and Louis Vuitton.

Many women like these brand. especially BAG!!
and they really want to have it as many as they possibly can afford it.
but, These bags are very expensive than you thought.

Chanel bag is 4,800,000won.
Hermes bag is 8,000,000won. wow. How many people can afford it?

Personally, I don't like these brand as expensive.

Today, We'll talk about burning their goods in stock. do you agree or disagree?

I agree with it as brand value.

I think brand is very important value in fashion world.
I think Fashion world is very fast and competitive than i thought.

I think There is not a world no.1 brand made by korea in fashion world.

Do yo know Bean Pole? is very expensive casual brand like Polo in korea.

I hope to be famous fashion brands like Anycall, Galaxy, Whisen.
we should learn brand strategies from these company.

These luxury brand burn their product. when an off-season.
Their main purpose is to maintain their brand reputation and unique.

a few years ago, when their branch office have goods in stock,
they send it to their head office.
and then their main office takes care of it.

Other brands sell their stock product when off-season.

(i'm still writing this essay)