I saw a program. 'I'm a singer' and 사랑하오 'I love you...'

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Jun 26, 2011 22:06
Do you know a program that is 'I'm a singer'

7 famous singer sing each other mission songs in every competition.
This program is on air in weekend prime time.
There is a big rival program. 'A day, Two night'

Kim Bum Soo received this song for this competition today.
and He showed his mission song in the middle of competition.

I'm so surprised because I really like this song.
This melody, lyrics are make me happy. so I can't help listening to this song. ^^

Let me introduce you this song of Alex version.
He contained the song re-maked in his album.

Please allow me to add a little lyrics of this song.

그대 사랑하오.

아직도 사랑을 알지 못하지만,

이 아니 되도록 그대 사랑하오

그대 눈빛은 영원히 빛나오, 날 밎어주오.

그대가 나를 모른다 해오, 그러다 날 버린다 해도.

바보처럼 그 자리에서.. 사랑하오.

그대 사랑하오.