I'ts Friday.

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Jun 24, 2011 23:20
It's a friday night. but i'm at home and taking a rest.

I had a small dinner. i just ate a slice of bread with a glass of milk, and a yogurt drink.

also i made lemonaid to break hot weather. haha. ^^;;

if you think it might be difficult, i promise it is not difficult.

i called my japanese friend by Skype application.

but, our connection was so unstable. so we couldn't talk a lot.

anyway, I don't have a plan for my weekend. but during this weekend, it will be pouring rain.
weather news says it will be 200mm. wow. OMG.

How else am i do my weekend. ㅜ.ㅜ

Is there anyone be my friend for my boring weekend? haha.