I had a presentation for enjoying art a couple hours ago.

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Jun 21, 2011 01:01
Last evening is very hard day. because i had a presentation.
how to enjoy seeing art.

i'm interested in art. it's just a habit of mind.
whenever an exhibition opens in Seoul, i'd like to go to the museum as much as i can.

I wondered it how to explain easier, how to understand them my habit.
i prepared this topic myself. even not enough.

There were 8 members in my study. the member's average ages are in the middle of 30.
so i worried about this presentation...

Enjoying art and Explaining art are very different. and I know explaining art is very hard as an amateur.

because i'm not a pro artist. i except art history, artist story. i'm trying to tell it fun.
not be serious, and boring.

i suggested them to get view points.

i introduced two view point of mine that i use to enjoy.

the first one is how is it beautiful.
the second one is how does it touch you.

and i showed two pictures. Vincent Van Gogh's 'the starry night of arle' and Jang fransoua mille's 'spring'

i told why i choose this pictures. which part touched me.
i wanted to connect my situation.

according to my ideal situation.
1. The starry night

i basically like night view. That's why i went to hongkong for seeking the city of night.
the picture felt like real. i couldn't take my eyes of.

2. Spring

i like this picture.
in the picture, have two part. dark side looks like winter and bright side looks like spring.
existing two part can make positive emotion i think.

Many people think a season of Spring. is Fresh, shiny, positive.
so. this picture can make me more positive. The sun always raise up every morning. don't give up yourself. don't be negative. get more confidence. i felt this pictured said like this to me with sounds.

but, i couldn't explain these pictures well. ㅜ.ㅜ;;; so i'm soooooo sad.
anyway, this presentation was my first english presentation. and it was very worth to me.
if i do it more, my ability would be good. let's positive. ^^
i wanna be a good english presentator. ^^

i really thanked to my members and Pretty teacher who gave a chance. i don't wanna let them down.