Final First reason for the rising price of cigarette

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Apr 22, 2013 19:55
First of all, the most important reason for my feeling this way is that Smoking is a source of death. Stopping smoking helps smokers improve the quality of individual health. People who smoke have to know the importance of their health. It means that smoking finally belongs to a numerous opportunity cost of not only medical treatment but also living like a human being. According to the article about ’10 health benefits of stopping smoking’ by NHS(National Health Service)’s report, there are ten advantages after stopping smoking including better sex, improved fertility, younger looking skin, whiter teeth, better breathing, longer life, less stress, improved smell and taste, more energy and healthier loved ones. This reports shows that tobacco smoking cannot make sure smoker’s health life. Although there are a lot of advantages for non-smoking, the low price of cigarette is still being main reason for not stopping smoking. As reported by The International Tobacco Control Policy Evaluation Project (ITC) in November 2012, ITC Korea National Report announced that the most of smokers (88%) regretted they have been smoking. And 43% of smokers considered smoking “negatively” or “very negatively”. Also, this reports said that only 35% of smokers often or very often consider money that they spend on cigarettes. Therefore, current price and tax regulation are still not having a strong and efficient effect on smoking behavior. Beside there is another interesting findings that can illustrate the price of cigarette price. According to Tobacco Control’s data, South Korea can have 50 numbers of cigarettes per Big Mac. However, Sweden can have 15 numbers of cigarettes per Big Mac. Through this article, most smokers consider current the low price the cigarette still does not motivate smokers to stop smoking. That is why I believe the rising price of cigarette is in necessary.