Third Reason of the rising price of cigarette

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Apr 21, 2013 15:38
Lastly, last reason for my convincing this way is that the price of cigarette is still relevantly low then OECE other countries. According to the report by Arirang News and Korean Times in 2012, the price of cigarette in Korea ($2.11) is the cheapest country and Korea is the highest county of smoking rate among OECD developed nations. In contrary with Sweden (13.5% of smoking rate, $6.91 of cigarette price), Korea’s condition is seriously strong. Also As reported by WHO Global Health Observatory by most sold brand in 2010 , it showed that Korea ranked 34th ($2.11), much lower than that of Japan (24th and $3.47). However, Norway had the highest cigarette price ($13.3) out of the 194 countries surveyed. These article and official report proves that the rising price of cigarette have to be implemented to reduce smoking rate. Beside there is another interesting findings that can illustrate the price of cigarette price. According to Tobacco Control’s data, South Korea can have 50 numbers of cigarettes per Big Mac. However, Sweden can have 15 numbers of cigarettes per Big Mac. It clearly shows seriousness of rising price of cigarette.