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Jan 26, 2013 04:18
This is my essay topic.
Pretend you are someone else (e.g. your former teacher or principle) and, in their name,
Write a letter of recommendation for u to be accepted into the major of your choice.
State what talents and qualification you have to study this major. (with 300 word limitation)

I’m honor to introduce my previous student to City University. Bryan and I have been for 4 years since he entered to Hankuk University in Seoul.

I made a decision to recommend for him to be accepted into the major what he wanted. At the first time when we met, we were in general chemistry class.

As a leader of the department of Chemical Engineering, I expected my students to think of themselves about their life what they really want to be and study hard.

This was because I also made mistakes in my university years and thought these as an opportunity to solid my view of life and set goal as well.

I truly wanted my students to do too. Hence, I was willing to consult and advise my students whenever they visited my office.

I remember that Bryan was the person who accepted and tried to do something what I mentioned for a long time.

He always brought a book in my class was enough to make my expectation what he was reading. And he did not hesitate to have a discussion with me about social and a wide range of issues. He wanted to have a critical thinking ability.

Then I felt that he would be suitable to study liberal arts instead of chemical. This was because I thought he was good at integrating other areas such as international affairs, arts and business.

Just last year, he finished his military service as one of Korean men and we met again then he asked me to give my opinion about choosing major. When we were talking about it, I was able to feel that he had considered his choice for a long time.

He proved himself with dedication and passion with my advice what I taught before. I believe that he will deal with any difficulties with the major. Thanks for me to give and introduce my student.
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