Statement of Purpose (within 300 words) Please read and correct it. ^^

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Jan 21, 2013 15:20
In not more than 300 words, please explain why you wish to participate in the student exchange program, what have made you a suitable candidate and what you expect to gain from the experience.

According to the theory of the state which is written by Plato, there is a story about what is the meaning of study at the end of the sectioncave story”.

He said that studying is like the way to fulfill our ignorance with knowledge and to realize the way we are. From the moment when I read of it, I made a decision to challenge for my life. I set my goal of life that is to be a person ‘a cosmopolitan’. By doing so, I have been learning English and French also I was able to get admitted from Hong Kong.

As an international student, I tried to innovate myself from usually life to unexpected world. It has given me unpredicted perspective in my mind. So now, I hope give a shot to experience learning another world what I have not expected ever.

Nowadays, our generation are facing the hardest century to get a job and make a living ourselves as extremely competitive lives for getting a job and global economic crisis. That is why new worlds need us to be a person who can integrate inter-cross studies and disciplines such as engineering & art, consumption pattern & psychology.

Hence, there were many indicators what we needed last year such as deliver true heart to people, the new concept of ‘Rawganic(Raw+Organic) Fever’. From the fact i studied chemical engineering and now study social administration.

I think our generation needs to resemble like people who live during the golden age of Italy, ‘the Renaissance’. That’s why I want to take an opportunity to study abroad again and also to experience new world as well.

I can make sure this program would help me to broaden my horizon to be a cosmopolitan.