The Story of Mojito

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Aug 19, 2012 02:07
The story of Mojito

Mojito is one of cool traditional cocktails of Cuba in summer.

The terms of ‘Mojito’ came from Spanish word.

The meanings arecast spells”, “amulet of spells”.

It started to be famous from Havana of Cuba to U.S. in the 20 century.

At the first time, it was intended to prevent scurvy. It has begun famous by Ernest Miller Hemingway’s favorite cocktail who is a famous English Author.

From the reason, Mojito has spread all over the world.

Mojito was born to dilute strong drink rum with mint, lime, sugar.

There are two reasons why Mojito is the most favorite cocktail can relieve our thirst in summer.

First of all, Mint offers fresh spark when we drink.

Second, Lime leads to dilutes strong rum’s alcohol.

Also, lime’s scent refreshes our emotion by stimulating our brain when our uncomfortable index is uprising in severe summer.