why i want to study the department of public policy, management and politics.

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May 30, 2012 18:29
Tomorrow, I have an interview for my university admission.
So, I wrote paper to prepare on it. I hope to be corrected of it in logical structure and organization.

I would like to be a person who can live my life like a work of art and also I want to make my life to bright and shine with learning indeed.
I would like to study can raise the quality of life to be a person with wisdom.
If we have high knowledge of humanities and critical thinking, we will be able to find the best solution about any kind of problems. This is because people who study life as a philosophy to have discerning eye which can tell right from wrong are able to win any competition enough.
Nowadays, there are many experts in our society. As the people are getting increased, individual’s stories become important. Therefore, people who are living life as a work of art are taking every chance of jobs and business to succeed in the world.

I will be able to have sharpen eyes can look into the world’s main stream.

I would like to be a person who can live cheerfully and fashionably. I don’t want to live as a person who doesn’t have any dream like ephemeral life.
I think that our life is divided from the purpose of life. It means that it depends on whether I have a long term plan or not.
After Subprime mortgage crisis, I think that our society started to reconsider the requirement of reader. They need a person who has discerning eyes of art and great character, sensitivity and deep thinking skills. This kinds of human talented person should lead our society.
We should remember that the stable of life with expert jobs that we passed the test would be history. Therefore we have to find out what only I can do by myself without anyone to have humanism.
This is because there are a lack of intelle in Korea who can crosses the boundary between majors and have upright character, an excellent eye for art and a variety of knowledge spectrum.