the most influential person I've ever met.

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Apr 26, 2012 00:58
Which answer is more better to answer in Interview?
and please correct my organization and logic. ^^

Answer 1 )

The most influential person i've ever heard.

I'd have to day Se-Jung, Park, who is a CEO of Pan Asia Cunsulting Group.

I think two things why i think he is the most influential person to me.

the first things is his challenge toward uncertainty.

he always tied to challenge from his stable position to uncertain position.

and the second tings the choice that he choose another country, japan instead of U.S.

Although many people usually go to study in U.S., he want to be differentiated from others.
that was because he wanted to have his own advantages which only was able to get in Japan.

that's why i think Park is the most influential person to me.

Answer 2 )

The most influential person I've ever seen is Gina Oh.

Gina is an English instructor of Pagoda institute.

the reason why i think Gina specially is that she always is my motivator.

When i was in trouble my future study, Gina told me her personal story.

She was a university student studying in Medicine, however, she realized his attitude is toward teaching than studying medicine. then she stopped her study and started teaching english in Korea.

and she said to me. i don't have to worry too much and have confidence and believe my choice.

From her sincerely advice, i was able to start my challenge.