Topic : In the past, people ate food that was better for their health than they do on present day.

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Apr 26, 2012 00:14
Topic : In the past, people ate food that was better for their health than they do on present day.

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It is evident that in our current society food has tremendous importance in our lives. Many people think in the past’s food was helpful for people health, while others do not. I however, believe that present day’s food also beneficial to people health too. There are several reasons that I could discuss to support my argument, but I will limit my discussion to the two that I feel are the most relevant to this topic. First, Biochemical technology has advanced. Also, we can get organic food easily.

First of all, the most important reason for my thinking this was is that technology had advanced tremendously. Technology had rapidly developed in concurrence with the change in society. Consequently, it is becoming increasingly easier to get nutritional products because we utilize this technology. Take, Centrum, for example. Centrum is the famous vitamin supplement products. When we are easily depressed and tired, we usually eat Centrum to stay health. Just yesterday, I took Centrum to get over my tired feeling because I was too stressed out from doing my homework. This was because the centrum was a much more convenient method of gaining energy compared to cook dishes. And also it has many indispensible vitamins and magnesium which are help stay health. This example is a clear indicator that advanced biochemical technology helped people health because of technological advances.

Also, another important reason for feeling this way is that we can organic food easily because of its accessibility. Accessing things easily is essential in our fast paces lives. It can be said that people can get organic food easily because it is easily available in our day to day lives. A really good example can be seen in Dobu, I read online that Dobu, a very popular food in my country, is eaten by over the 80% population in Korea. I found it interesting because the article mentioned this was due to the fact that People can go to supermarket to buy it. Just yesterday, I was able to buy Dobu without going to the department stores because I only had to go my neighbor store. This example clearly shows that People can get organic food easily because it is easy to access.

All things considered, the reasons I mentioned above, I believe, I have sufficiently and adequately explained my opinion regarding this topic.
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