Topic : It is easier to become an educated person than in the past.

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Apr 25, 2012 23:25
May i ask you for checking my organization and logic ^^

It is evident that in our current society being an educated person has tremendous importance in our society. Many people think that it is not easy to be a person who is schooled, while others do not. I however, believe that Nowadays education system has many advantages. there are several reasons that i could discuss to support my argument, but i will limit my discussion to the two that i feel are the most relevant to this topic. First, technological advances help people to have chances to learn more. Also, we can use education system more easily.

First of all, the most important reason for thinking this way is that technology has advanced tremendously. Technology has rapidly developed in concurrence with the change in society. Consequently, it is becoming increasingly easier to be an educated person because we utilize this technology. Take the internet, for example. When we have assignment from our college, we use the internet to do research. Just last weekend, I used the internet to do my fashion merchandize class’s assignment. This was because the internet was a much more convenient method of gaining information compared to using a book. I was able to search information and graph of the last fashion shows, such as New York, Paris and London without going to my school’s library. This example clearly shows that our advanced technology has a significant role in education because of its technological advances.

Another reason for my thinking this way is that people are able to learn knowledge from broadcasting channel because of its accessibility. Accessing things easily is essential in our fast paces lives. It can be said that broadcasting channel help people to be an educated person. A really good example can be seen in Docu One, I read online that Docu One, a very popular Documentary program in my country is viewed by over 80% of the population in Korea. It found it interesting because the article mentioned this was due to the fact that the channel cover from biology subjects to astronomy ones. Just yesterday, I was able to learn about adaptation of polar bears because I only had to turn on television. This example is a clear indicator that broadcasting channel also help people to learn well because it is easy to access.

All things considered, the reasons I mentioned above, I believe that I have sufficiently and adequately explained my position regarding this topic.
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