I hope it would be more persuasive. I need your help. ^^

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Feb 28, 2012 06:50
I have studied biochemical engineering because chemical and life gave me largely interests in human lives among other engineering majors. Also I have been thinking how I can contribute to my society using my study. Last 2 years experiences in National Medical Center had a greatly effect on my life and it led me to make a decision changing from biochemical engineering to marketing and insurance finance analysis.

First of all, It is about insurance finance As I worked at National Medical Center as an office assistant, I had experienced a lot of patients I had experienced a lot of patients, such as people with the H1N1 Influenza virus and patients in hospitals. I was able to know what kind of patients come to help and how they think about National Medical Center. Let me take my experience, While I was leading a patient the way to take physical therapy, he said that poor people like him cannot afford to contract private insurance, so they have no chance to take expensive medicine because having their government’s insurance cannot cover it. By doing this, they just barely stay healthy with a government’s subsidy. It cause the vicious cycle. While other people who can afford to buy private insurance have many opportunities about medical treatments such as expensive medicine in large corporate hospitals without financial problems. From the reason, by studying it, I think it will be able to play a role in improving their quality of lives and I would like to contribute to resolve the vicious cycle of medical benefits to take them reasonable opportunities without financial predicament.

Moreover, I would like to say that Marketing. While I was working, I realized there were a lot of misunderstandings between the hospital and patients. I think that this is because the lack of communication among them. Nowadays, the governments decrease the welfare budget because of its economic recession. Although NMC provide numerous medical supports to patients, such as low treatment fee, cheap diagnose examinations of MRI and CT, many people blame the policy to the hospital. From the reason, their complain gave rise to negative image of hospital and it causes the hospital to be operating at a loss. Therefore, I began to consider understanding the public opinion and advertising the medical supports as important. As I know, a field of study marketing contains the way of understanding, analyzing and persuading people. It gets me interested in Marketing. I realized this study what I really need. By studying this will works more people who have not been provided any medical support to get this treatment. And eventually, the national hospital will get out of the red also they will provide better services, and their negative bias will be changed. If I worked in this work, it would be honor to me.

All in all, there are two reasons are very closely related to my challenge. I think that my engineering knowledge is hard to be a role in the vicious cycle from the lack of communication and imbalance of wealth. As a result, these studies suit well with me to be a person can contribute to my society.